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radfems are literally scum



but can we get #whereislavernecox to trend on twitter? because thats the only social media site the mainstream seems to listen to these days. 

tweet @TIME with why you admire ms. cox and use the hashtags #TIME100 #whereislavernecox

Done and done!

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What if you and your icon switched voices for an entire week.

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quick there’s an emergency i need to be called cute


Tumblr really doesn’t seem to care much about disabled people and ableism. Seriously, I’ve seen multiple posts with 1000+ notes ripping at the TIMES list (and damn rightfully so!), however I’ve only seen one about the fact that the man that made the horrendous “I Am Autism" (major tw for ableism in the video) was on the list, and it only has 15 notes.


12 people have unfollowed me in the last 5 minutes really if you think john green or benedict cumberbatch deserve to be on times most influential people list more than laverne cox or lupita nyong’o i wish you’d never followed me in the first place

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Please consider emailing Time magazine at to get them to reconsider not putting Laverne Cox on their list. She overwhelmingly got voted in at 91.5%, but was not put on there. Meanwhile, Carrie Underwood had 25% of the vote and was put on there.
The erasure of trans women, and women of color needs to stop. Ms. Cox does nothing but good work.





you can email time magazine at and please explain why you think they should reconsider laverne cox as a participant.

i’m raging as much as anyone else, but formality will probably get the message across clearer than yelling will, so you should explain the situation and urge your friends to do the same. it’s ridiculous and transphobic as hell and I’m so fucking upset because we all know she was voted well above most of the others so GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE

do it.  don’t take this sitting down.  this is not ok and they need to recognize why.

I cannot stress how important it is to remain civil and polite when attempting correspondence in this matter. They will use your anger against you to write you off. They will try to invalidate your opinion because of your emotions. So please, rage all you like here and other places, but take utmost care when writing to TIME. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is: if we want them to own up, then we have to prove that we have educated voices and opinions behind us.


leaving Laverne Cox off of the Time top 100 despite the overwhelming support she received is an act of violence and erasure towards trans women


Chrys watches GoT [x]

@marvel Flattery will get you nowhere! Probably. Maybe. *looks the other way* 



Instead of saying “MAN UP”, you should say “TANK UP”.

Because you know, when you’re the tank in a group, you’re taking the hits. Which is kind of what the first expression is aiming for.

Except this one is gender neutral.

cosigned so hard

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